5 Benefits To Homeschooling Your Children

14th September, 2022

The homeschooling community has grown a lot in recent years and it’s easy to see why. There are a number of wonderful benefits to homeschooling your children. 

If you’re currently deciding whether it is the right time to homeschool your child or children, we would urge you to read on. Homeschooling can be brilliantly life changing, but should not be taken lightly. 

So, without further ado, let’s get straight into five of many benefits to homeschooling your children.

1. Tailored Tuition To Suit The Individual Learner

Homeschooling means that 9 times out of 10, the ‘class’ is much smaller meaning there’s lots more opportunity for one-to-one tuition. Every student learns in different ways and at different speeds so homeschooling a child means that you can tailor sessions and what’s being taught, to suit the needs and requirements of the specific individual. 

This not only provides a safe and comfortable environment, but it also eliminates pressure on the student to work at the rates of others.

2. Flexible Curriculum and Studying

Not being tied to an establishment, organisation or official schooling structure means you’re free to create your own content and timetable. This again, can be tailored towards the needs of the child. 

This would be seen as a benefit by many because there’s rarely ever a ‘one size fits all’ especially with something as important as learning. Here at Gaia Learning we actually have an online collection of courses that you can purchase, log into and work through at your own speed. 

We cover English, Mathematics, Science, Music, Physical Education, Digital Literacy, Art & Design, Global Perspectives and more too! We’re a Registered Cambridge International Online School existing to offer education programmes from Cambridge Assessment International Education, a department of the University of Cambridge and absolutely love making a real difference to the homeschooling community. 

You can view our website and courses here.

3. Improved Self-Esteem and Confidence

Children are much more likely to admit they need help or ask questions in spaces they feel safe and comfortable in. This is bound to happen at home because there are way fewer distractions or environmental factors that could cause them to cease up or be closed off. 

The best learning and educational steps forward can be taken when a child is comfortable, confident and high on self esteem. We’ve seen many students thrive on our programmes for these very reasons and it’s wonderful to see.

4. Available Homeschooling Support

You are never alone on this journey. The homeschooling community is growing rapidly and as a result, your support system and network is growing too. It’s amazing to communicate with likeminded people who understand the approach. It’s also great for children to socialise outside of learning time with others who are also being homeschooled. 

Many people have taken to social media channels to document their homeschooling experiences and there are groups on Facebook for example, being created all the time for this way of life. 

There is often a concern that homeschooling a child might make them more antisocial than ‘school goers’, given there is less exposure to other children at home however this is simply untrue.

We have created communities where parents and students can socialise safely, all within our online platform, as well as our Learning Hives groups on Facebook for families who have downloaded our courses. 

We know it’s important to have access to different facets of life and with this in mind, our platform facilitates this. Check it out for yourself here.

5. Life Freedom

Arranging your own time, learning periods and subject matter means you as a parent, and your child, have more freedom over what you do in your life. 

No need to plan holidays outside of term time, or take lunch at a particular time of the day. In fact, you have freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. And more importantly, you have the freedom to do whatever you feel is best for your child. 

Our courses are fully autonomous meaning you can dip in and out whenever you want to, only adding to the sort of lifestyle you and your family want to create.

We’re excited and passionate about homeschooling. We believe there is the infrastructure and desire there to keep building this community. 

If you’re still wondering whether homeschooling is the right decision for you, or you’re looking for resources to help your children’s homeschooling, get in touch with us by booking a call here

Our Founders, Kirstin and Kate, both parents of children ages 8-13 are more than happy to help with your questions and help you find the right path, whether that’s with or without our resources in tow. 

Check out our website and social media channels for more information. If you did want to purchase any of our courses, we're offering 20% OFF your first one with the code 'FLEXISCHOOL' at the checkout! We really do hope to hear from you soon here at Gaia Learning.

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Kate Carney
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