GCSE History

This course includes access to 25 personalised one to one sessions with a subject expert who will provide all the curriculum materials you need to study this course and prepare for your exam. The cost of this course includes access to materials for 2 years and feedback on all assignments submitted. You can access all of your resources from any device. 

When you sign up, you can book a 1:1 session with a subject expert to ensure you are confident to use this course to meet your learning goals. 

If you'd like additional 1:1 or small group support to assist you with this course, you can purchase additional tuition credits here.

Language: English

Instructors: Gaia Learning

£1500 / year including VAT

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Independent - Course only

Here you can enrol and download the course content immediately to your ‘my courses’ tab and learn independently at a time and pace that suits you. Your assignments will be marked by a qualified teacher and your progress will be monitored.


Flexible - Course + Tuition

This is the most comprehensive and personalised way to learn with a qualified teacher who can support you at a time and date that suits you. When you download the course content you can also book time with a teacher to start your learning journey. Tuition packages can be booked through Gaia Learning.

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Course Curriculum


After successfully enrolling in this course, you will be able to access it from the ‘My Courses’ section when you are logged into your account. You will be asked to complete a student admission form and parents, carers and children are able to join daily support sessions with a qualified teacher.

You can access your course material and communicate with your teacher from inside your course. 

This course is designed for you to support learners at their own pace, supported by our team of qualified teachers and special educational needs experts.

If you have any problems or questions please email us and our team will get straight back to you.